Can This Place Be A Temple?

Pic : Camilla Greenwell

Can this place be a temple? is a new contemporary dance solo show that uses text, music and voice. It touches on themes of race, gender, migration and environment using dance, stories, fictional worlds and contemporary events. It is part autobiographical, part fictional and creates a refined sense of place through imagined worlds. Can this place be a temple is a question of refuge and safety for all of us that draws upon personal events and writings

The solo has had a period of Research and Development supported by Funding from Arts Council England, Choreodrome research residency at The Place working with dramaturg Eva Martinez, Dance 4, Artist Development Programme Akram Khan Company.

” I find you the most compelling performer to watch. You have a unique beauty in the way you move and hold the space. I enjoyed the human touches and stories in your work – it gave it a sense of it’s place in the world which I appreciated greatly.”

– audience member , Encounters festival 2023, Yorkshire Dance

” What a joy it is watching you dance, with such integrity, authenticity and power. I was captivated.”

audience member , Encounters festival 2023, Yorkshire Dance

We are looking for commissioning, touring and presenting partners for the solowork for autumn 2023 and 2024. Please get in touch

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