Dance is not in the form rather it is the form that is in the dance.

I am a freelance dancer, choreographer and a performer based in London and work between the UK and India. My work as a dance artist is deeply emotional and powerfully dynamic. It is concerned with how people find relationships with each other and particularly looks at issues from my social context.

I grew up in Patiala, Punjab and moved to New Delhi for higher studies where I pursued dance training alongside a bachelors and a masters in economics. My curiosity for dance brought me to the United Kingdom where I finished a professional dance training course at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds.  I also continue to choreograph and perform in India where I hope to bring high quality contemporary dance to new audiences and contribute to creating a healthy environment for artists to flourish.

My ongoing investigations centre on building languages that go beyond the form and explore improvisation and experiential states of movement as a way of decolonising languages in dance.

My work has been supported by Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Yorkshire Dance, Kalasangam, Brick Box Rooms and Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi.