Solo One

Filmed by Anmol Khurana

First proposed as a solidarity to the wave of protests seen across India in the winter of 2019. A cry to create space for desire, power and freedom. To the moving and the movement.

It was a mess of religion and politics and cows and country and citizenship, and corruption and pollution, deaths and division, and countries and infrastructure and no studio space, no performance space no rehearsal space and finding and searching and looking and supporting and getting hit and getting hurt and police and violence and education and students and learning and sitting and shouting and marching and going towards and running away and despair and noise and fear and hope.

Audience reaction:

 “I saw your performance … and I was left awestruck. Your movements are like water”


Supported by Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi. Thanking Puneet Jewandah, Mallika Chabba Harleen Duggal and Louisa Borgcostanzi-Potts for their friendship and continued support.

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